gatineau morning.

gatineau morning.
photo by douglas mcarthur.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

the awakening 2.

maybe a coma is just another name for samadhi. samadhi is a friendly and welcoming state of meditative absorption, a uniting with the whole, so to speak. think about it. people come out of comas all the time, and they feel so much better. or maybe at some point the person decides the coma's way nicer than the alternative. i always come back. i like this life. not too fond of those tooth-aches i get but, otherwise, my friends are cool, this home, the coming of spring.

one of the first things i do when i emerge from out of a coma each morning is ingest a nice strong cup of coffee. i only use a cone and filter, pour boiling water through slowly and slurp iit up in my vintage mug. that certainly gets me going.

somewhere along the line i heard putting a few grains of coffee in the soil also gets ones house-plants going, gives them a little boost, helps them grow. having often thought it a waste to throw those coffee grains away, i did it. i recently put some into my plants, quite a bit actually. and i think i may have overdone it. the effects have been positively freakish. it hasn't just helped them to get going. they're almost gone. they're jumping outta their pots. they're taking over.

maybe i never quite gave that wakefield espresso 'bean-fair' stuff the credit it clearly deserves or treated it with the respect i should've. whatever might be the case, i'm a little scared of my own plants, especially that hanging spider-plant in the hall. it's not actually hanging anymore. up until a few days ago the cascading fern-like leaves charmed everyone walking through the front door. now it takes their coats and it doesn't always give them back. i won't even begin to describe what my cacti are doing.

once my old mom slipped into what they called 'an irreversible coma' i suggested we put a couple of cigarettes under her nose. i reasoned that if anything could coax her back, it'd be the smell of tobacco. however, for some reason, my idea was met with scorn.

one has to ask oneself: what am i living for, what makes me happy, why do i come back each day?' then inevitably the words of my teacher come to me: "you need to live a little less for yourself and a little more for others."


  1. My doctor asked me why I was even alive? That was 8 years ago and I haven't seen a doctor since!

    1. glad you are alive. we would miss you just as we miss your bro...