gatineau morning.

gatineau morning.
photo by douglas mcarthur.

Friday, January 27, 2017

first world problems.

or: mental hygeine.

the high point of the day was a trip to the dollar store to buy a new tooth-brush. i know that sounds pretty pathetic but you gotta understand, well, ok.

be that as it may, there were several to choose from of all different shapes and sizes hangin in a neat row for my viewing pleasure. the one i chose looked cool: blue and white hard plastic, kinda thick handle with a rubber pick on one end, a slightly larger than normal brush on the other. it even had a small extra brush behind it, for those hard to get at places.

once i got home, i immediately and unceremoniously peeled away the packaging and trundled joyously off to my salle de bain... but the thing did not fit in my mouth! at first i couldn't bend my head around the fact that the brush couldn't bend its head into my mouth. i mean, who would make a tooth-brush too big for a mouth (?) and, just like donald trump's hands, the size of my mouth is "normal, good size, fine, slightly large actually." needless to say, i immediately returned the thing to the store. no, of course i didn't. i took my teeth out, some of 'em anyway, and brushed them over the sink. but, it aint right.

i know that sounds terribly pathetic, and i ask myself: how did i end up like this: living alone, away from all the action, in a tiny house in the back-woods of cold, wintery west quebec, with an oversized dental instrument (?) and the answer jumps immediately to my mind: i musta got pretty darn lucky, that's how.

as i sit in my favourite chair, shrouded in peace, a fire in the stove filling the room with its glow and warmth, a cup of coffee on the table beside me, i know i'm almost unreasonably fortunate. as i watch the snow gently falling, eyeing my heavy coat and boots waiting by the door, listening to a report about refugees unwelcome everywhere, i feel like i should really go buy a small toothbrush before the store closes for the night.

"too bad all the people who know how to run the country are driving taxi cabs or cutting hair." george burns. 

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