lac mahon, la peche, qc.

lac mahon, la peche, qc.
photo by graham law.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

take me take me.

it was hard to know what to do when the fire-drill at the gym began. i was buck-naked in the shower at the time. i didn't know whether to run out front au naturel or take a few possibly fatal moments to grab a pair of undies, presumably my own. it was bloody inconvenient i can tell you. i hadn't even washed my gentles, not to mention use the blow-dryer. i was in a very wet quandary. it's not as if i would be leaving behind kids and grand-kids, but on the other hand i hadn't wiped off the history from my browser.

i was btw once married, to a woman. and as i was about to pop the proverbial question i recalled peter sellers' proposal: "will you be my first wife?," which i had always rather liked. i thought to use that same line, only for some reason i didn't and so we married. but i might as well have, since the marriage didn't last long. i actually had no idea what was expected of me and was horrified when i found out. i'd been a buddhist monk and a bramachari yogi for the better part of four decades previously, and by the time i recovered from that i had other issues, real nuptial buzz-kill-type stuff.

however, that brings me back to the decision i really had to make quickly in the shower at the gym with the fire-alarm blaring and middle-aged men running all 'round the change-room waving various appendages in desperation. some old men were desperately hanging onto their walkers yelling 'take me take me' while youngans were desperately hanging onto their large... egos. i decided to desperately lather up and continue on with an attitude gained through many trial-by-fire occassions in india, which basically was: 'i'll run if or when i see actual flames and not before.'

a yogi never panics unless he or she feels it's absolutely necessary. as well, personally, although i am in a long-lasting and loving relationship, it isn't actually with any particular person, creature or plastic blow-up doll. there's only me and i don't think i'd miss me so much. i feel as though i've gained a universal kind of love, a power to love everyone equally and unconditionally, except for fred, and anyway it turned out to be a false alarm, just like so many that people face every day. 

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