gatineau morning.

gatineau morning.
photo by douglas mcarthur.

Monday, December 12, 2016

one love, one heart.

i'm big in the ukraine. according to this blog site, more folks read my postings there than anywhere. why? even wtf? maybe one or more ukrainian can shed some light on this phenomenon. next in line, btw, comes russia. i haven't had a lot of contact with that part of the world. however, i've flown over, i believe some ancestors actually came from the ukraine and a russian lady on-line once seemed strangely eager to marry me.

this trend has been building over the past months and has created a situation in which i'm feeling warmer, fuzzier toward those places, those people all the time. i'm like a self-deluded rockstar, high on his own rockstar-ness, who wants to jump off the stage and crowd-surf. i feel like visiting. i wonder if i'd be greeted at the airport, given an award, handed the keys to the city. i actually don't like travelling anymore, but maybe the russian government could help me get elected to public office here.

canada, traditionally the country interested in what i have to say, is now firmly established in third position, closely followed by the united states, most of europe. on the other hand or foot, china, south america, africa, australia and new zealand are not the least interested in my slog and, curiosely, india is only vaguely interested.

perhaps what is even curious-er is that anyone at all is interested in anything i might write. because i really don't know much. i believe we've been sold a bill of goods, so to speak, by our elders. i believe that. i feel that. they told us what we must do to get into some sort of heaven, paradise, nirvana, freedom, salvation, and we bought it. they told us we're better than them, that our way is the right way and their way the wrong way. i don't know that we've been given a heck of a lot of wrong information, but i sure do feel it. maybe ukranian folk feel it too.

what i know is that spending a day like today shovelling, meditating, eating, writing, shovelling, playing scrabble, eating, shovelling, is really very nice. that's what i know. my world is small, white, pretty quiet. that's the way i like it. and yet it includes people from so far away, all faiths, colours, genders, sizes, shapes. love you guys.

'one love, one heart. lets get together and feel alright.' bob. 


  1. It's amazing how well Bob Marley's quote at the end of your piece sums up so well what it's all about. I like the idea of you being happy in your small, white and quiet world. We are so blessed to have found places of peace.

  2. shrinkage: gotta appreciate it.
    ok, so yeah, bob's simple words also sum up my philosophy pretty much. thx for your perfect comment.