gatineau morning.

gatineau morning.
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Sunday, December 18, 2016

i'm here now. are you?

"if we hope to go anywhere, we must step from where we are standing. If we don't really know where we are standing, we may only go in circles.” jon kabut-zinn.

having invited folks from the ukraine and/or russia to let me know what their attraction to my blog is, the only comment i've received so far has been from a woman who lives on my street. and she's originally from this street. i doubt she's ever been to the ukraine or russia, and she just wanted to know what exactly i meant by writing that my world has become small.

well, i've been fortunate enough to have travelled extensively, stumbled through high mountain passes, been lost in exotic markets, given a few questionable speeches, written a couple of forgettable books. now, i'm fortunate enough to just be here, shovelling snow from my laneway, walking through wakefield village, chatting with friends, writing this blog. my world has definitely shrunk over the years and maybe that's just the way it should be as you grow older, or not.

the last time i had a physical, i discovered that even my carcass is shrinking. it was the first examination in several years and i was strangely excited. but, the nurse measured me and i was immediately shocked to hear that i had shrunk down to 5'9 3/4". i'd always been 5'10 1/4". i insisted she measure me again. unfortunately, the second time confirmed the first time and i wanted a third time only she weighed me instead. she pronounced me to be 180 pounds and again i was shocked. i'd always hovered around 165. so, sensing my dismay and not waiting for me to insist, nurse ratchet rolled her eyes, plunked me back on the scale and, sure enough: 180. i shook my head and muttered to myself: "great. i'm slowly turning into a short fat guy." shrinkage. in fact, if one certain rather strange and mysterious part of me gets any smaller i may have to buy a dress. i realize there are great sales happening at this time of year, but geez.

obviously, ones world becoming smaller does not preclude one from following world events, having opinions, feeling for the poor, downtrodden, sick, dispossessed and oppressed, of which there are too many. but, i do believe that the best way to bring peace to the world is to strive for peace in ones own life. after all, are there not a plethora of peaceless world movers and shakers out there (?) 

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  1. So true. I am shrinking myself, but hopefully my peaceful state is growing!