lac mahon, la peche, qc.

lac mahon, la peche, qc.
photo by graham law.

Monday, April 18, 2016

The More You Give The More You Have.

by shuchita, www.meditative

Many years ago a friend turned to me and said, “You have to know that the more you give, the more you have.” I found the statement both enigmatic and enticing.

Giving is associated with offering from one’s own resources to another. How could this be the source of having more? Generosity is a sense of abundance and the ability to share with others, and, as such, is a more expanded state of consciousness. But, it was only upon meeting a Self-realized being, that I came to recognize the true glory of giving and generosity.

True generosity is an enlightened state of awareness where all are received and embraced as one’s very own Self. Such an enlightened being creates unity wherever he or she is. To experience the power of true generosity is profoundly moving and enriching.

Over the years, it has become clear to me that the cultivation of generosity expands one’s awareness. It harbours the ability to transform one’s consciousness into the magnanimity of being.  In fact, generosity is the wellspring of infinite gain.

Generosity as a Means of Expansion of Awareness and Infinite GainGiving taps into our reservoirs and opens our hearts and our minds

All generosity starts with some form of giving. Even a smile, a simple word, a token of engagement is an act of generosity. It is simple and fulfilling. It is not hard to give – in fact you may even feel lighter, easier, and surprisingly happy. Being kind to others is about finding the expanded dimension in our own being and sharing it with others. Since nothing is required, it adds an element of creativity to interactions. You can contribute whatever you like and be playful in the offering. If the giving is appreciated, the sense of well-being is enhanced all-round.

As we awaken to the joy of giving, we start noticing the world around us. Engaging in other people’s lives, offering our time, our energy, and assistance, we become aware of new and different modes of living. It broadens our horizons. Reaching out to lend a helping hand at a time of need can be profoundly touching; it unites us with others in a moment of impact. Such unexpected connections may remain potent for years and be the seeds for deep-lasting friendships.

Our presence matters. Participating through giving activates our resources and brings out our significance as beings on earth – both for others and ourselves. As we reach within our reservoirs of abundance to share with others, it opens our hearts and minds. Contributing with positivity benefits all.

Expansion Through Becoming a Gracious and Generous Receiver

Once one rises above one’s personal needs and wants to include and assist others, the universe responds with its blessings.

Giving is often reciprocated with signs of gratitude and tokens of appreciation (a letter, a gift, an invitation, etc.). Furthermore, requests for greater assistance and involvement are not uncommon consequences of our giving. Being able to receive and accept what is offered in return, be it praise or reproach, appreciation or involvement, demands a subtler, more egoless form of generosity.

Gracious receiving is an act of offering gratitude and thanks to others for what they are, not for what we want them to be. It is about letting sweetness permeate our hearts and a grander vision to prevail. Verbalizing this generosity of consciousness with appreciation softens the barriers between us and others. By receiving and recognizing what life presents, the world appears kinder and less intimidating.

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