lac mahon, la peche, qc.

lac mahon, la peche, qc.
photo by graham law.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

i hate being viewed as a sexual object.

friends nearly ruined my fitness-club experience. one suggested the steam room is full of old guys with dubious sexual preferences. another insisted i never ever sit on the benches in there without shorts. yet another pointed out that i always must wear sandals in the shower area. these guys seem to think fitness centres are hot-beds, (excuse the expression), of illnesses. one friend persistently calls mine the legionnaires' club, like the disease. 

legionnaires' disease is named after the outbreak when it was first identified at a legionannaires' convention of 1976 in philladelphia. i'm not comfortable imagining what those fellows were doing together since the virus is largely transmitted by water at high temperatures. but, in all my extensive research i could find no reference to any outbreak specifically due to fitness club activities. as well, at this point in my life if i ever noticed some old guy in the steam room viewing me as a sexual object, i'd have to assume he was dealing with bigger issues than just sexual preferences. it would be incredibly creepy for sure, but i doubt i'd actually feel concern for my safety. in regard to over-all health and well-being, however, i do sport foot-wear and shorts at all times while on the premises now.

meanwhile, down in the gym the other day, some young guys blatantly excluded me from a game of three-on-three basketball. with a mind firmly established in not letting anything ruin my fitness club experience, i simply pointed out that it was a form of elder abuse. but for some reason they just thought that was extremely funny. ok, i thought so too. anyway, i figured i'd discuss it with them later on, in the steam room.

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