lac mahon, la peche, qc.

lac mahon, la peche, qc.
photo by graham law.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Meditation Works, Really.

During a fresh wintry himalayan morning, as I walked past my guru's hut, I heard him knocking on one of the windows, motioning me to wait. He came out his front door, declared that he felt like taking a drive and within another few minutes we were on our way up the mountains. Having arrived at a moon-scape of a place called 'Kothi', with an altitude of 1550 miles or 2500 meters, it began to snow hard. We were quickly snowed in. That's how it is there, and so I spent the next three days basically closeted with my teacher in a small cabin meditating, studying scriptures, chatting. 

That was a profound time for me. There were sittings during which I honestly lost all sense of time and space, during which all that remained was life in the purest sense of the word, free and forever. It was a transformative time, and upon our return to the ashram, obviously, my friends wanted to hear all about it. So I immediately ended up holding court, so to speak, in a nearby chai shop. There were several of us sipping chais as i proudly described my special last few days, the bliss and peace and depth of it. 

Meanwhile, a biker kept revving his engine at the adjoining shop next to us. I motioned for him to stop, but he didn't. I called over, but he just smiled and revved it even more. I got up, walked over and hollered above the noise: "Either shut the damn thing down or take off!" He looked me straight in the eyes, grinned and turned the throttle full blast. I went nuts. I grabbed the guy and wrenched him from the seat to the ground, sending the bike down with him. I jumped on top and began punching wildly, totally out of control. The 80-year-old chai shop wallah, the other nearby shop-keepers and all my friends tried to pull me off.

The rest is a bit of a blur at this point. I recall seeing my friends walking away afterward shaking their heads. I recall one muttering sarcastically to me: "So basically you had a great time, did you (?)" In satsang next day, when guruji was told of the incident, all he did was turn to frown at me and say: "More purity needed." 

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