gatineau morning.

gatineau morning.
photo by douglas mcarthur.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

seize the moment.

dear nathan; good morning. i just wanted to let you know how much i've been enjoying your blog. i feel the postings are all interesting, entertaining and full of wisdom. you are an interesting man. thank you. sincerely; salina. 
dear salina; it was really nice of you to send me such a lovely message. are you still of child-bearing age? if so, call me sometime. i'm free most days. sincerely; nathan.

dear nathan; i like your blog a lot. i was reading it today and laughing while my dog felicite slept on my lap. sincerely; marie. 
dear marie. i'm bummed that felicite didn't find the blog funny. was it a language problem? i really should have my postings in both languages. anyway, i'm glad at least you like it. regards; nathan.

dear nathan; i love your blog and thought maybe you might answer my question: i'd really like to meditate, but i'm too busy. how can i feel some peace? i'm so tired of being anxious and unhappy. sincerely; francine.
dear francine; peace rises up from deep within us all eventually. it can be at the very end of life or on any given occassion. that depends upon us. we've just gotten too damn busy. but, the certainty is that peace, bliss, rises up from deep within us, because it's always there. so why not now? no time? make time. easy to say, here's the way:
if you seize the moment and practice one-pointedness, mindfulness in its purest form, you will soon discover those tasks that used to take a half hour now take only twenty minutes. later on, those same tasks will take fifteen minutes. why? because you will be one-pointed, focussed. that has far-reaching effects on every aspect of our lives. seize the moment. the practice brings ones scattered, agitated mind back to rest. the same mind that gets us into troubles can get us out. train it. seize the moment. sincerely; nathan. ps; please read my posting: 'i am not a teacher' on my blog for a detailed description of technique.

dear nathan; i love your slog, read it religiously. sincerely; murray. 
dear murray; thank you for your support. i totally appreciate it. are you still of child-bearing age? if so, give me a call sometime. sincerely; nathan. 

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