photo by ellen reitman.

Friday, October 30, 2015

hoping to feel the love.

a heck of a lot of people are overjoyed with the results of our recent federal election, an election for the ages. now, the question obviously is not whether justin trudeau is ready to be prime minister. the question now is, is he ready to be a hero?

there was a very obvious collective consciousness at work by the end of the campaign, a unity, one mind. now there's a very obvious collective hopefulness. we've seen times like this before. this is no differnt from the peace movement of the 60s, 'flower power', martin luther king jr., robert kennedy jr., the election of barak obama. but we know that heady times, unfortunately, have often been followed by disappointment.

martin luther king jr. once said: "we must accept finite disappointments, but never lose infinite hope." the desire for peace and not war, the power of a flower placed on a tank, the marches of martin luther king jr., the so-called peoples' president and the selection of a man of color as president: these were actually all tremendous successes in spite of any subsequent disappointment. the expulsion of a prime minister propagating fear, duality and bigotry was a tremendous success, a collective declaration that what we want is to feel the love.

we want indigenous people to be treated properly, their women to be protected. we want well-deserved help for the inuit, for veterans. we want the poor to be pulled up and hatred against gays and lesbians to be pulled down. we want real progress for the environment. we want young mr. justin trudeau to stand up against corporate greed, power politics and cynicism, to be a hero.

the people collectively have put him in a unique position to do some real good for this country and the world. we've gifted him this opportunity and we're kinda hoping he's ready.


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  2. With the sentiments of the internet-famous little girl's letter to the pilot,"Please don't f**k up the landing..."