gatineau morning.

gatineau morning.
photo by douglas mcarthur.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

as good as it gets.

since purchasing the prowler, my cute new/old 18.5 foot fifth-wheel camping trailer, i've been wondering where to go. obviously, i should go somewhere. otherwise, why did i buy the thing (?) that would be crazy. i've become an expert in setting the camper up, packing it up, hooking it up. so yesterday, finally, i set out.

first, i needed a stop at the pharmacy, which included one jumped curb and a near miss of one of those fancy lamp-posts along the way, to procure a perscription refill. while waiting, i talked with a lady about the upcoming election. she was rocking a baby in a cradle with one foot while holding a toddler in her ample loving arms. afterward, i trundled off to the general store, always like a social outing for me, to get some supplies. of course then i needed a coffee. so i parked the rig at the community centre and waved to a couple of drivers as i walked along 'ch. valley' (or whatever its name is) to the coffee shop for a double-shot americano. i sat on the porch and looked out over the river.

finally, i was all tanked up and raring to go. but, i realized it really doesn't get better than that. so i drove home. the people are super friendly around here, the views are world-class. it was a perfect trip, only next time i must bring a camera.

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