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Thursday, July 9, 2015

it's all god 'til somebody gets hurt.

now, i'd like to write down a few thoughts regarding racial discrimination. firstly, i'd like to categorically state that i am against it. if there was a referendum on the issue i would vote 'no.' i suppose the question would be something like: 'are you in favour of hating and therefore horribly abusing people who don't look like you?' the fact is, once again, i don't get it. what's the big deal? why would i want everyone to look like me? have you seen me?

i'm not saying that i'm ugly, exactly. i'm just saying i wouldn't want everyone looking like me. i appreciate a little variety. it's the spice of life after all. i suppose if, like donald trump, you believe mexicans are rapists by nature, you'd vote 'yes.' i suppose if, like donald sterling, you believe blacks are to be socially avoided, you'd vote 'yes.' i suppose if, like donald duck, you couldn't care less what race, creed or color a person is, you'd be enlightened. bingo. thanks for playing.

all great religions of the world began with one person, from jesus to buddha, from krishna to nanak, standing up and exclaiming: 'hey, wait one minute. holy smokes! it has just occurred to me that, in fact, we are all one life, all one love.'

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