gatineau morning.

gatineau morning.
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Saturday, September 3, 2016

the trouble i have, part one.

the trouble with writing a blog about meditation is there's really not much to say. sit down, close your eyes, or not, and stop doing stuff. bingo. we're done. that's why i like to spice things up a bit by writing about prostates. now that's funny. at least i think it's funny. it's interesting. at least i think it is. my life has been like a seinfeld episode. it's not really about anything. i became a yogi, went to india, sat down for thirty-five years, got up, came back and now i have a prostate issue. that's about it. fortunately, i also have a basketball issue i can write about.

the problem with writing about basketball is that there's not much to say. i have experienced that time waits for no man. nor, i presume, does it wait for any woman. i know for sure that time waits for no man because i am a man and time has not waited for me. i suppose it might wait for some other man, but there have been many examples of it certainly not waiting for me, like in regard to basketball.

time has not waited for me and neither do the young studs i play with, so to speak. i try to keep up. and every so often there are flashes of previous brilliance. but, by and large i've become the guy who gets placed on the team with the best players in order to even things out. i have become that guy. then, once the game begins and the adrenaline starts a-flowing, i inevitably have to pee and then we're back to prostate issues again.

at one point the other day i attempted a turn-around-fade-away jump-shot. the shot fizzled so badly it didn't even make it half way to the rim. it looked so pathetic that somebody said i must've been fouled. everyone just assumed it, because nobody shoots that terribly unless the guy guarding hits your arm. the guy guarding me had actually hit my arm. well, he touched my arm as i shot only, really, it was just a brushing, a gentle feathering. if that was, say, a gay bath-house instead of a gym, we maybe woulda gone home together, and now we're back to prostate issues again. life is a circle, the circle of life.

the problem with writing a blog about meditation is that there's really not much to say. how does one articulate the beauty and benefits of taking time out to do absolutely nothing (?) suffice it to say that sometimes, after basketball, after everything, losing myself in the activity of ceasing all activity is so remarkably fulfilling, so completely satisfying that i could just stay like that forever, and eventually i suppose i will. think about it.

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