lac mahon, la peche, qc.

lac mahon, la peche, qc.
photo by graham law.

Friday, January 9, 2015

one more cup of coffee.

"a lovely neighbor of mine called and said i should go over to her place for a cup of coffee because nobody was home. so i went right over, and nobody was home." rodney dangerfield.

there are certain habits which are good for the practice of meditation and others not so good. truthfullness, non-violence, not stealing, forgiveness, compassion, the usual run-of-the-mill moral stuff: those are recommended. contentment, generosity and faith are thrown in for good measure. modesty is often mentioned as well, but one has to draw the line somewhere. on the other hand, the 'bhagavad gita', in chapter five, verse sixteen, specifically forbids the use of crack-cocaine or methamphetamine. thankfully, nowhere is there a mention against coffee in any text from the great world religions or philosophies.

coffee is my guilty pleasure. coffee is my big weakness. pathetic as that may sound, it's true. on a scale from one to ten, one being something like enjoying the odd chocolate bar, five being like dressing in diapers and ten being something unmentionable, a cup of coffee hardly seems worth mentioning. you may feel that dressing in diapers should be higher up on the weirdness scale. i used to feel that way too, but as i've gotten older i've begun to change my opinion.

coffee is my thing. i often have to wait impatiently until 5:00 a.m. for my first cup of the stuff. that's the earliest i allow myself to begin the caffeine intake. however, after i drink that first cup, the voices stop. i make it so strong it wakes up my neighbors. coffee is my rock-climbing, my wing-walking, my base-jumping, my heli-skiing. i happily read reports on its positive effects and studiously avoid those concerning its negative ones. and i happen to know it's extremely useful as an aid for meditation.

there is hardly any thing i like more than having a fierce cup of java and then sitting to meditate. a few of my most profound spiritual awakenings have come to me during those sessions. i've opened the mighty serpent power, the kundalini. i have astral travelled. one time i even talked to God. that was after a triple espresso of anne winship's 'bean-fair' coffee. at that time, God told me that i am very close to realizing the True Self, but that henceforth i should stick to the 'bean fair' smoother wakefield blend.

living a moral life is simply the best way to have a peaceful mind, a mind well suited for meditation. still, a little coffee can't hurt. just today, on january 9th, the 'huffington post' published an article listing eleven reasons why people should drink coffee. there were reasons listed such as: 'coffee drinkers are less likely to commit suicide, it can make you a better athlete, it can help you keep your brain healthier longer, make you more intelligent.' apparently, coffee can make you feel happier. you can imagine, in that case, how happy i am.

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