lac mahon, la peche, qc.

lac mahon, la peche, qc.
photo by graham law.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


"my wife was afraid of the dark. then she saw me naked, and now she's afraid of the light." rodney dangerfield.

imagine getting to the place in your life when teeth just fall out, for no reason. that's where i'm at. one of my few remaining chiclets just fell right out into my hand. and it wasn't the first time. yes, it's happened before. that's ok. there was no pain at all. but, if you think about it, why was there no pain? why the heck was there no pain? the tooth was glued back in, no problem.

so that's where i'm at in my life. teeth just fall out into my hand and there's no pain at all. they're simply glued back into place, i put on a nice shirt and i look like a normal human. of course, most everyone can imagine getting to that place in ones life. those that can't imagine it are almost certainly not reading this blog. they're too busy being wonderful. but, they will get there, or here, all in good time. and when they do, they will sit down and ask themselves, as i have, one very important question: what must i do to remain happy as i become less and less wonderful?

my favourite scene from 'comedians in cars getting coffee' is when jerry seinfeld was driving ricky gervais around in a small british sports-car at high speed. ricky gervais was terrified, which seinfeld was finding incredibly funny. at one point, seinfeld asks: "do you think we look gay?." gervais responds: "it doesn't matter. it just doesn't matter. it's like when you're jumping tandem out of a plane. you and your instructor are holding onto each other tightly and you're praying that the parachute opens. it just doesn't matter that you look gay."

i've read, heard and/or sat with some of the greatest spiritual masters of our time. but, really, i cannot remember the human condition ever being summed up better than that. ancient sages of the far east devised an intregal system consisting of eight limbs. the buddha talked about four noble truths. patanjali wrote down 196 aphorisms. my uncle morris drank a twelve-pack every night. but, i suspect that what may help is simply understanding that it just doesn't matter.

well, that's something wonderful to chew on anyway.

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