gatineau morning.

gatineau morning.
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Thursday, August 7, 2014

mushrooming out of control.

dear nathan;
     i've been experimenting with magic mushrooms a lot lately and find it enlightening. i've seen references in your writings to drugs, that you experimented as a young person. can you tell me what part lsd and other drugs played in your development?

dear anonymous;
   nice name. catchy. it's true that i dabbled in some drugs in those early days. ok, i did a lot of the stuff. frankly, i was one of the lucky ones who escaped (relatively) unscathed. those were the proverbial flower-power late 60s/early 70s. those were heady days and those were enlightening and mind-opening experiences. of course, i had no philosophy or point of reference to help me understand what i was experiencing. i had no ability to articulate it.
    the first time i smoked marijuana i insisted that it was having no effect. then, at a 'mr. donut' shop a few minutes later, i jumped onto one of the stools and, in my best w.c. fields voice, yelled out to the waitress: "come over here my little donut, my little cup-cake, my little eclair!" the rest, as they say, is history.
     over those days, weeks and months, i tried some mushrooms, lsd and other drugs. in spite of not really understanding what was happening, in spite of the stuff actually having a detrimental effect on my nervous system, i can at least say it was life-changing. i became 'open' to new ways of viewing the world and myself. when i heard about a process called meditation, i was open, even fascinated. as i've said before, the idea that there is a possibility for a human to actually experience (or remember) where he or she comes from 'before' and goes to 'after', caught my attention completely. it still does.
     so, while i absolutely do not condone the use of substances at all, such as mushrooms and hyawaska, i will stop short of condemning their use. just please consider, that was then and this is now. these days, experimenting with mind-altering substances is even more dangerous than when i was young. people get caught virtually immediately. people get hooked with one pill, one injection, even one inhalation. these days, there's more out there which can readily shred the nervous system. as well, it's simply not necessary. the information of real ways to learn what the bleep is happening here, is available. be careful, my friend.
     by the way, do you know where magic mushrooms grow? here's a hint: it has something to do with cows and it aint pretty.

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