gatineau morning.

gatineau morning.
photo by douglas mcarthur.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Freedom's Star.

Freedom’s Star and Loves Rain.
(editor's note: male gender is used for 'god' only for the sake of flow. i have no idea what gender god is. in fact, i have barely an idea of what god is. thanks for your understanding.)

only along these hallowed hallways
of forms imagined in absence of candlelight
can god recall with all relief
the brilliance of his own
and be ever after the benefactor of more bounty
than the most fierce pirate could have ever known
to roam with freedoms star at his back
amidst a celebration of fears flight
only within this structure
narrow and changing
along illusions foyer of time and space
can he watch himself lose its confines to reflect
upon being ever the recipient of more richness
than the shrewdest entrepreneur could’ve ever hoped to collect
to drift aimfully with loves driving rain at his chest
towards an awesome and humbling grace
only along these stairways of creativity
designed for joy and sorrows conclusion
can the very lord of the estate
enjoy the climbing
to look out upon garden and stream
a panoramic vision to the corners of a kingdom
more grand and expansive
than the greatest conquerors unfulfilled dream
to gaze forever undisturbed
with freedoms star and loves rain as his comrades against delusion
to walk forever undisturbed
with freedoms sparkling star and loves driving rain
as company in his eternal seclusion.

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