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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Back Cover.

This is the new back cover blurb to: The Bridge Between. It is being re-edited, photos added and then e-published, very soon.

Nathan Vanek's life has cast him in many amazing and compelling roles. The son of a prominent Judge, Vanek was born and raised in Toronto where he attended York University. He wrote for various publications, including Canadian Press, before becoming fascinated by eastern philosophies and specifically the ancient technique of Dhyaan Yoga, Meditation.

Vanek travelled widely, became a Vipassana Buddhist monk, a Bramachari Yogi and lived twenty-five years in India. The Vishwa Unnyanyan Samsad, World Development Congress, awarded him an honorary Ph. D. in 1987 for Meditation and Eastern Studies. It was an honor, he likes to say, not really worth much except that it impressed his father.

Vanek, known to many as Bramachari Hansraj, has taught Meditation and eastern philosophies in various places around the world. He continues to build a bridge with his words between India and Canada, the Himalayan Mountains and the Gatineau Hills, east and west, the transitory and the eternal. He now lives and teaches in Wakefield, Quebec.  

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