gatineau morning.

gatineau morning.
photo by douglas mcarthur.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Swan Song.

The surgeon took a long look, holding the MRI sheets one at a time up to the light.  He kept wagging his head from side to side, clucking and mmmm-ing. 
Eventually, i couldn't help but ask what the verdict was.  "Well," he began, "the technical medical term for this is 'seriously worn-out shoulder."  He asked me how it happened so I quipped that I've been playing basketball since I was two-and-a-half.  He looked quizzically at me.  Clearly he did not get the subtlety of my humor.  Many people don’t.  The idea that he actually understood and just didn't find it the least amusing occurred to me only later.  Then I began to feel a bit cheated, really, having previously laughed, or at least chuckled, at his somewhat questionable attempt at humor even while my arm lay inert on my lap like a loaf of Italian bread. 
Anyway, one whopping big shot of cortisone and a couple weeks of physio later, I am just beginning to be able to type, albeit on an ‘ipad’ with two fingers while lying on my bed.  Physiotherapy has really been helping, although the fellow does tend to talk to me like I’m either a child or mentally challenged.  It seems to be an occupational hazard, specific to young health-care workers tending to old-er patients.  "Oh you're so brave."  Sometimes he offers me free advice about positive thinking, the importance of having a good attitude.  Needless to say, advice on how to put my undershorts on with one arm would be more appreciated.  i can get the shorts on.  That just takes a bit of balance.  It's the garters that I have a real problem with. 
 The Physiotherapist’s somewhat patronizing attitude aside, he’s a good guy, a good therapist and he's helping me a lot.  I’m scheduled for two more shots after which I may sprout a tail.  It’s a heck of a lot of steroids and, let’s face it, this may be my first incarnation standing up on my hind legs.  Meanwhile, I spend my spare time these days doing exercises that, well, that neither a child nor a mentally-challenged person would find challenging.   
This has all been in way of explaining why i haven't posted anything on this blog lately.  And that it may be a while before I get back in the saddle.  That may be a poor choice of words, under the circumstances, but you all get my point.  I’m a little screwed up right now.  Still, I had no intention of ending this series of blog postings on anything other than a high note.  So I have added some photos (at the bottom of this page) of a good buddy, myself and especially my wife, a bright light and someone who makes me look good, or better.  I’m sure you won’t mind the personal note.  After all, this is my blog.  The question is; ‘Who am I?’  For that matter, who are you? 
You are that where the thought cannot reach.  You are that high.  You are that immortal existence where no death can reach.  You are that indivisible whole which cannot be divided into soul, man, woman or any kind of species.  You are that which is absolute, eternal, without any form and free from sin.  Human eyes cannot see you.  You are that.    Verse 263,  Light of Knowledge.  Swami Shyam. 
ps; I do reserve the right to put on a new posting at any time and without any notification. 

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