gatineau morning.

gatineau morning.
photo by douglas mcarthur.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Freedom's Star and Love's Rain.

Only along these hallowed hallways of forms imagined
In absence of candle light,
Can God recall with all relief the brilliance of His own.
And be ever after the benefactor of more bounty
Than the most daring of pirates could have ever known.
To roam with freedom’s star at Her back amidst
A celebration of fear’s flight.

Only within this structure, narrow and changing
Along illusion’s foyer of time and space,
Can She watch Himself loosen its confines to reflect
On being ever the recipient of more richness
Than the shrewdest entrepreneur could’ve hoped to collect.
To drift purposefully with love’s driving rain at His chest
Towards an awesome and humbling grace.

Only along these stairways of creativity,
Designed for joy and sorrow’s conclusion,
Can the very Lord of the estate enjoy the climbing,
To look out upon the garden and stream,
A panoramic vision to the corners of a kingdom,
More grand and expansive
Than the greatest conqueror’s unfulfilled dream.

To gaze forever undisturbed with freedom’s star
And love’s rain as Her comrades against delusion.
To walk forever undisturbed with freedom’s sparkling star
And love’s driving rain as company in His eternal seclusion.

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  1. comment; one of my friends pointed out that using the word 'he' to describe god is somewhat unfortunate. actually, i agree a hundred per cent. and i honestly usually try to avoid that. in regard to this poem, i would only add that it was written many years ago, using 'he' just kind of fits better, but even still, maybe can interchange the genders... thanks for that comment, sent me by email.